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1. Introduction. The poet appeals for inspiration.

2. Adam. Introduction of Adam, bassoon solo. The bassoon represents Adam in this drama.

3. Eve. Introduction of Eve, oboe solo. The oboe represents Eve in this drama.

4. Worship and Dance. Adam and Eve worship and pray in the Garden of Eden. Melodies presented in their solos are combined in harmony. They and the animals celebrate life. Their joyful dance is joined by the “Mercy Drum” representing God's Spirit.

5. Angel's Charge. An angelic being charges Adam to not eat the forbidden fruit. The “Judgment Drum” is introduced with its two loud beats.

6. Satan's Soliloquies. In hell Satan rallies and encourages his fallen demons with speeches. Satan with his tambourine and his minions with their noises encourage the audience to applaud. Satan is envious of Adam and Eve in their happy state. He decides to entice them into sin.


7. Temptation of Eve. Satan appearing in the form of a serpent converses with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He charms her with flattering words. He tells how the serpent ate the forbidden fruit and was transformed from an ignorant beast to one that can now talk and reason. He says that Eve would also be transformed to a greater, more knowledgeable being by eating the fruit. Once sin has entered into Eve's thoughts her music begins to change, becoming increasingly more dissonant.

8. Temptation of Adam. Eve has sinned and is now concerned that she will be abandoned in disgrace. She pleads with Adam to eat the fruit. Adam reasons (as does Eve) that he has only two choices: be separated from Eve by rejecting the fruit or join her by eating the fruit. The music, however, indicates that Adam had a third choice: that of mediation with God. Adam chooses to eat the fruit. Both instruments now lament the changes in Adam’s and Eve’s lives and the world.


9. Judgment. God comes to the Garden and finds Adam and Eve hiding. He then judges the serpent, Eve, and Adam for their transgressions.

10. Repentance. Adam and Eve fall down and repent before God. The Son of God intercedes before the throne of God, the Father for them. Mercy is granted.

11. Sacrifice. The Son of God comes to Adam and Eve. Offers the sacrifice and clothes both with skins.

12. Expulsion. Adam and Eve are sent from the Garden of Eden. The pronouncement of judgment is given with the Judgment Drum. However, the Mercy Drum accompanies the couple as they leave paradise.


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