Well, welcome to this video on how to continue in the Christian life or what to do next. If you are a musician, and I assume you are because you are watching these videos, you already know the answer to that. I am going to explain how becoming a musician relates to improvements in your Christian life.
Now if you are a musician you obviously realize that you can’t have much skill on an instrument if you don’t practice. If you area  voice major you obviously need to exercise your voice with certain exercises. The same goes for Christianity. If you want to grow, you have to apply yourself. Here are some ways you need to apply yourself.

Obviously if you are a musician, you are not much of a musician if you have no music. Music is so important to our craft. You need to have music to play, to practice, to perform for others. Likewise in Christianity we also have our music. That music is called the Bible. That Bible is called the word of God. Jesus spoke about life and he said that, “One doesn’t live on bread alone,” that is, physical food, “but rather on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” So in order to grow in your Christian faith you need to take that food, that spiritual food, and feed yourself with it.

The Music. Obviously if you are going to feed yourself, you need to have the very best food. You don’t want food tainted with poison, or have food that is fatty, or whatever. You want to have healthful food. You need to find an outstanding version of the Bible. I prefer the New King James Version, but there are many Bibles that are available. You need to find one. Be careful, however, for there are many versions of the Bible that are distorted or twisted [for instance, the New World Translation] by different cults. Be sure to ask around and find that version that will be helpful for you. The New King James Version provides that right balance for me between great scholarship, source documents, readability, and it is easier to memorize and work with. When I talk to my students, we search out the very best music as well, what is called the Urtext edition. The earliest edition they have the shows the composers intent. Likewise for your Christian faith, look for the best Bible.

The Teacher. Now the next thing you are going to need to do if you are going to grow as a musician is to find a really great teacher. You need to search out the very best teachers you can get. I suggest in your Christian faith you need to do the very same thing. Search for great ministers, great preachers, and great teachers. There is a lot available on the web. There is a lot available through wonderful churches probably even in your community. Make sure though that you are finding a teacher that does teach the truths that are contained in the Bible and does proclaim Jesus Christ. There are many false teachers. You don’t want to get into error. For instance, in music you don’t want to practice wrong techniques. You want to start out your life with good techniques whether it is in music or your Christian faith.

Others. You don’t generally make music on your own. I realize (I am a pianist too) that pianist are soloists. If you are going to be a great chamber musician you, of course, need to engage in chamber music. If you are going to be a great orchestral musician you, of course, need to play in an orchestra. Similarly we as Christians need to meet with others. That is so important. Find a good church, find a community of people who also believe. You will find support there. You need as a musician a strong physical life, a strong emotional life, and a good practice life. Similarly in Christianity we need to do the same. If your life is in turmoil because of bad relationships it really impacts your music. Likewise it impacts your Christian faith. Find those healthy relationships. Find other people that will pray for you, who will encourage you in your Christian faith so that you are part of a community.

Diversity.  Last of all, embrace diversity and embrace the wonders. Not all of the churches will be the same. Not all music is the same. The best musicians are those that don’t keep themselves to a narrow framework but spread out and do some interesting things. Likewise experience the great community that we have around the world. There are believers all throughout the world that enrich this wonderful community that we have.

Conclusion. So I hope that this has encouraged you. Think like a musician: Practice your faith, find the very best music, find a community that is supportive, and find great teachers that will encourage you. I think if you do that you will increase in your Christian faith and be blessed. God is going to work through you. Dedicate yourself to prayer and dedicate yourself to the word of God. God bless you. Let me pray for you now.

Lord, I just ask for your blessing on whoever is viewing this at this moment. That their life would be dedicated to you, that they would increase in faith and knowledge in you, God. That their Christian service and their Christian faith to you would be a blessing not only to themselves but to those around them. Amen.