Welcome students to this demonstration of the online gradebook I use in my courses. This is Terry Ewell your teacher.

You will be receiving in your email, this is your Towson University email, a notice that will look like this. It will say “Gradebook Login Information.” It will be from info@classactiongradebook.com. That is the service I use for my online gradebook.
The email message will look something like this. It will say message of high importance. That is wonderful. It will say, “Hello, your name.” It will say that “you have been successfully logged into the gradebook.” You will have the link here. By the way the link to the gradebook appears on your course matrix, on the web page—you will see it up at the top.

You will need to use this information for logging in. You will need to put in your name (spell it exactly as it appears with the upper case letters and lower case letters). You will need to enter your email address. And then there will be a password like, “2x53cb4” or something like that. So it will be a computer generated password. I suggest that you just copy and paste that in so that you don’t have to remember those letters and numbers.

OK, so, when you log into to the gradebook. Oh, by the way, if you are in my class and I have told everybody that they have received the email for the gradebook and you have not received it, please contact me right away and I will give you this login information. When you log in, by the way, check to make sure that I have correctly spelled your name, I have the right email address as well. If I don’t have that right at the beginning then I will need to change that.

OK, your log in page will look like this: a big blue page that says “Class Action.” Here is where you login your name, your email, and your password. Press the login button. I encourage you to not click these things that say “Remember my password” because if someone gets your computer they will have access to your secure items.

OK, so the first window you will see is Class List window. Let me bring that up there a little bit. You can see that I am enrolled in a couple of classes. If you take a couple of courses from me you may have more than one class there. Let me show you some other features here. You have the change password button. If you want to change your password to something that a human can remember then go ahead and do that. I want to just remind you that when you initially get your password I have a copy of that. If you lose it I can get it back to you. However, if you change your password I have no idea what your new password is. So I won’t be able to help you if you lose your new password. We will just have to recreate an account for you. Obviously here is “logout.”

So this is one of the pages you have, the Class List page. You click on your Class Reports and this then brings you to the next page, which is where you can log into the gradebook. It gives you the date, class name, teacher, etc. You just click on here view.

So let’s see what a gradebook report looks like. Here is an overview of it. You will have at the top a heading. Let me enlarge this so we can see it more easily. You will have at the top here the heading with your class and my name as the teacher. By the way there is a way in which you can print from this screen. There is a little print button right over there.

OK, so let’s take a look at this report in more detail. This report will show on the left hand side the different categories. We have a Quiz here, there is something with Exams, different Chord Test, etc. This is a course for music majors. You can see the weighting in each category. Then it will give you your final grade and percent.

Right now I have some categories that have no assignment. For instance, Exams. Why don’t we do Chord Test here? It says right here no assignments. When there is no assignment in there, you will see an “E” for excused. Right here is the grade in the assignment (0).

Let’s go up here and look. This is the quiz category and a listing of the different assignments that came in. Maximum points allowed. Here is the score I received. I have an “E” in two of those scores so those are excused. I have a zero here for this “MajMin” major minor quiz, which means I didn’t turn it in and I got a zero. Ouch! Here are some other scores. I got an 80, 92, 94, etc. So this is the points for the tests, this is the score for the tests. Sometimes you might have a test or quiz with more than 100 points. So let’s say it is 132, then your score might be 122, then the percent is actually what is used for the grade. Right now in this category I am averaging a 73, which is not all that good. I think that I can do a better job by just turning in my assignments.

So when we look finally at the whole report. Let me make this smaller for you. It does sum the whole report at the bottom of the page. You have all of the categories put together. Right now these are excused, but it does give a final grade here at the bottom. Right now in the course I am averaging a 73%, a “C.”
OK, I hope that gives you a good overview. If you are unsure you can ask me questions if you wish about this. You will find that I update this quite frequently. You will be able to access your gradebook online 24 hours a day. Bye.