Well, thank you for making the choice to view this video. In this video, I will be talking about that choice for God, that choice for transformation in your life. I will also be giving a little history of myself and the choice that I made and why I am so glad that I did that.

You may have several questions: You may have several questions: Why is it that I should make a choice for the Christian God? Aren't there are a lot of gods in the world? Aren't there are a lot of different disciplines and religions? We certainly don’t have time to go through that in this video, this tape; but let me give you a few reasons as to why you might make a choice in this direction. You see, this transformation I am talking about is not a change in philosophy, although certainly that would accompany it. It is not really a religion, this transformation; although truly enough it has been categorized as a religion. This is not a self-help program, that you can do, that you can cause this transformation in your life. It is not something that can be purchased. It is not a program. It is none of the above. It really, truly is a miracle. It is something that happens inside of you, inside your heart when you offer yourself up to God. This is the Christian God that we are talking about, through Jesus Christ. There is a power, a power that God has to transform and change your life.

The Bible, the word of God, which was actually given to us by God, talks about this transformation in a couple of ways. It talks about you becoming a new person, a new man, a new woman when this transformation happens. Also, it talks about this transformation being an adoption. Before you were as an orphan. After this transformation occurs, after—it is like this document is written for you—now you are called a son or daughter of God. You are part of God’s family, and by this adoption there are new rights, new privileges that come into your life that you never had before, you never had before as an orphan.

You see, this transformation is one of relationship, not so much of religion, not so much of self-help, or philosophy, or any of that. I think that what differentiates—the power—differentiates the Christian God from all other gods.

Let me talk about what happened in my life. I was in music since early on. I showed some talent. I started playing piano when I was 5 or 6. I took up the bassoon when I was in the 4th grade. I was about 8 and a half or 9 years old. I have been a musician pretty much all of my life and adulthood. I was in a situation where I was just searching in life. I had a terrible experience in school. I was a racial minority in a school for the better part of a year, involved in a lot of fights. It really changed my outlook on life. The world was not a safe place. It was not a great place to live in. I struggled for a couple of years, just thinking and changing.

At about the age of 14 I went to a music camp, a music festival that I had been at for quite a while. A friend of mine had just become a Christian. One evening, one Thursday evening, he was talking about these changes in his life. We were getting ready to go to this evening rehearsal and low and behold, it was cancelled, which was very unusual. Thursday evening rehearsals, to my knowledge in all of the years that I have been to that festival-8 summers [most after age 14], had never been cancelled. So, we went back and continued talking. That night it made sense. It made sense that I needed to ask God into my life. I was surprised, I had no idea what was going to happen. All of a sudden, my life was transformed. This is the only way that I can describe it. It was like a cloud had been lifted from my mind. I was able to think in ways. It was like the colors were all brighter. It was an amazing experience. There was a joy inside of me that I had not experienced before.

So, I continued in that. I continued talking to my friend. We would pray; I received what is called the baptism in the Holy Spirit later on. The power of God was just moving in my life. I was really quite amazed by that.

It had such an impact, really a surprising impact. At the camp, of course, I practiced bassoon a lot. We played in orchestras, chamber music, and things. I had very little time to practice my piano. So,  after the camp I started up piano and came to my first piano lesson, which was about a week or so after I got back. I played just a little bit of the first phrase, I think that I was working on a Haydn sonata at that time. My teacher, Bela Siki, stopped me and he said, “Something has changed.” Amazing. “Something has changed.” That was just the first phrase. Well, I was a shy 14-year-old boy, I couldn’t tell him what had changed. I was too embarrassed. I don’t know if I mumbled something. But he noticed and said “Something has changed. Your touch is so much more sensitive. There is something about the music that has changed.”

Well, I have come to learn that God gives us all of these gifts. It is not a surprise that when our life is transformed, when things start to get in alignment, when there are these changes made, that these gifts that He has given us are sort of enhanced, are sort of blessed in a different way. I was amazed.
I always wondered, God why have you kept me in music? But He has, He has kept me in music all of these years. It has been a tremendous blessing that He has given me. Of course, I have had the fortune of a lengthy career in different ways. I attribute a lot of this to just the blessing of God, the people that he has brought into my life, the wonderful teachers, and all of that.

I want you to experience that transformation as well. If you are interested in making that choice for God, that relationship, you can do it right now. I, as a 14-year-old boy, didn’t have the words to say. It was just that I made the choice. It is not like there is a special formula, a special incantation you need to do, it is really between you and God. I would just like to pray for you and ask for God’s blessing in your life.

Lord, there have been some people that have heard this video. I don’t know what their situation is, what their pains, what their struggles are, but God they have made the choice to see this video and I pray now that you would aid them in making the choice to accept You into their lives. That they would accept Jesus Christ, accept that sacrifice, accept what He has done into their lives and that you would transform them.

Well, God bless you. If you have made that choice, if you are interested in knowing how to live out this faith, renew the faith, please view this next video. The videos is, I guess could be titled, “What’s next.” You can get to that at www.terryewell.com/next. God bless you, bye.

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