Bassoon Reed Ligature
Summary of Steps for Placing a Bassoon Reed Ligature on a Bassoon  Reed
By Terry B. Ewell

1) Remove first wire on bassoon reed.

Remove First Wire

2) Choose method of securing the Bassoon Reed Ligature. Methods A, B, or C may be used alone. A (notching) may also be combined with B (trenching) or C (adhesive rubber pad).

A) Notch with a knife where the wire will contact the reed. I place four notches at the edge of the bark where the wire will contact the reed on the side.


B) Trenching (may be used with notching). Here I use a rat tail file to gouge channels in the bark for placement of the nuts of the Bassoon Reed Ligature. You might also want to use a very small chisel or an exacto knife.


C. Adhesive rubber pad.

Adhesive Rubber Pad

3. Crimp a 3 inch brass wire so that about 1 inch is bent.

Pliers in position

Wire Bent

4. Affix screw head of Bassoon Reed Ligature into crimped end. Notice that the short wire end needs to be on top, with wires ends to the right.

Screwhead affixed

5. Close the wire securely around the screw head.

Secure Wire around screw head

6. Bend wire to conform to bassoon reed tube.

Bend Wire

7. Position Bassoon Reed Ligature on the reed.

Position Ligature on Reed

8. Wrap long wire around the reed and around the last nut starting at the top and looping to the bottom.

Wrap long wire around reed

Wrap long wire around last nut

9. Tighten up with pliers. The wire should now be snug around tube opposite the Bassoon Reed Ligature.

Tighten with Pliers

10. Create the "X" with the two ends of the wire. The short wire end is on top and crosses over the long wire end (the end around the nut).

Creating the X

11. Tighten (twist clockwise) and position the wires.

Tighten wire

12. "Snug up" the wire around the nut. Close the gap between the two wires.

Wire needing adjustment

Wire after adjustment

12. Clip the excess wire.

Clip excess wire

You did it!

Copyright 2008 by Terry B. Ewell. All Rights Reserved