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Terry B. Ewell, “Bassoon Reed Ligatures,” The Double Reed 33/2 (2010): 29-34.

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Have you noticed a clarinetist adjust the ligature to change the response of their reed? That ability to make similar adjustments on a bassoon reed has not been possible. For years I have been concerned about how the first wire on my reed would loosen and tighten depending upon the condition of the cane or even the weather. Tightening or loosening the first wire with pliers only crudely approximated the fit I hoped to achieve and the control I wanted over my bassoon reeds.

Finally, with the Bassoon Reed Ligature the bassoonist can have greater control over the adjustment of the first wire. Fine tuning of your bassoon reeds is now possible!

Advantages of the Bassoon Reed Ligature:
  • Precise and controlled adjustments of the reed response are possible;
  • Adjustment of the first wire to as little or as much tension as desired;
  • Adjustment of the reed to changes in weather conditions without scraping the blade;
  • Enhanced response in the low register since the tip aperture better retains its opening ;
  • Economical hardware of the Bassoon Reed Ligature is used over and over again.

Although the Bassoon Reed Ligature looks simple, the hardware is actually the result of years of thought and experiments. I am pleased that this solution brings new means of adjustments to bassoon reed making without compromising traditional methods of wire adjustment. The Bassoon Reed Ligature can be fitted to any bassoon or contrabassoon reed. In fact, it may be used on any double reed with a wire. Examples here show placement on the first wire, but there is no reason that it could not be added to other wires as well.

New experiments in Feb. 2010 include the development of the Bassoon Reed Ligature Cradle.

Front View
Figure 1. Front View of the Hardware (enlarged) .

Front View
Figure 1. Actual Size.

Side View
Figure 2. Side View of the Hardware (enlarged).

Side View
Figure 2. Actual Size.

Setting up the Bassoon Reed Ligature:
Other videos by Terry B. Ewell and bassoon reed adjustment:

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